Feedback from Yolandi at Magic Moon Studio

We received WONDERFUL feedback from Yolandi Visage, the owner and founder of Magic Moon Studio, after we prepared her website. The following is quoted verbatim from her email received on 17 Feb 2020:

"How likely am I to recommend SmartMob to anyone?

10/10 - extremely likely - actually - a Definite YES!

Gert did my Website Page and Design - and he did it so easily and quickly - really understanding what I wanted and liked - he made it look so beautiful and creative. Really catching the essence of my business in his design and layout. He also gave me so much advice on how to grow my business through the correct marketing and posting and using social media to my advantage.

It's so easy to communicate with Gert. You can see out of his demeanor he's got a lot of business knowledge and skill - he understands the market and how to benefit from them with the basic marketing tools.

I am beyond happy with my Page and how it works. Everyone I have showed it to says it is a true reflection of me and my business - and that is gorgeous and easy to navigate.

Well done to Gert. A master of his field.


Magic Moon Studio - Makeup & Microblading"

It pleases us tremendously to receive such feedback, but even more so - it pleases us to deliver excellent service, worthy of such mention.

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Yolandi Visage - Owner and Founder of Magic Moon Studio
Yolandi Visagie
Owner and Founder of
Magic Moon studio