Normal price R 4 900.00

Pay only R 3 750.00 ... *

Your own website and
personal email address

Your own domain name ( and personal and

Your own domain name ( and personal email. and

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder.Create beautiful web pages - FASTFirst 5 page designs included for free

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder.
Create beautiful web pages - FAST
First 5 page designs included for free

SEO - Search Engine Optimisationand listing on Google

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
and listing on Google

Contact us form included

Contact us form included

* Time limited offer FOR ONLY R 3 750.00.

Domain registration

  • We will register your business name as

    If is not available, there are many other options available,
    such as:


    * Note that some options attract additional costs, which we'll check with you beforehand!
Valued at R 200.00


  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is critical to get your site featured on Google's search results.

    Google has a dynamic set of rules for what is required to get good rankings. We will ensure that your site is properly optimized according to their requirements.
Valued at R 1 750.00

Hosting and email setup

  • We will setup and configure your hosting and email on the host of your choice (as long as their configuration is sufficient to accommodate our requirements).

    We prefer hosting in South Africa for web sites targeting South Africans and prefer reliable hosts such as xNeelo and Afrihost.

    Monthly fees from as low as
    R 39.00
    (these are excluded from our special offer).
Valued at R 450.00

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

  • Your site includes a license for an award winning, drag-and-drop visual page builder so you can EASILY and FASTLY :) create your own beautiful web pages.

    However - we will design your first 5 pages for free!
Valued at R 2 500.00

Contact Us form

  • A Contact Us form is included as standard with verification to reduce fake queries from robots.

    Results are mailed to your email address of choice, e.g.
Included in 5 free pages

OPTIONAL - Monthly Maintenance

  • Your website will purrrrr along nicely without requiring any maintenance.

    However - there are always risks of malicious meddling by nefarious elements of (un)society.

    We therefore RECOMMEND to all our customers to take a monthly maintenance package with us. This includes (for a minimal fee), the following:

    1) Security updates
    2) Monthly backup
    3) Monthly monitoring/ improvement of your SEO
    4) Take over of your hosting to ensure you don't have to worry about all the technical nitty gritty little thingies!
R 100.00 pm for maintenance + hosting fee + 15% of hosting fee (Total ~R144.85 pm)

This offer

is awesome!is great for business!expires soon!

Complete the form now to apply for the special and we will contact you!

Terms and Conditions:

1) This is a limited time offer
2) For the special, a 50% deposit is required before work commences
3) This offer excludes the creation of content. You must supply your own text. We will check it for correctness and make suggestions for quality ;)
4) The Monthly Maintenance Option can be cancelled at any time. The hosting will then be transferred to your name for a small fee (R 500.00)